Our coronavirus response must include disabled and low-income people.

We are all in this together.

Our policies must not discriminate. Disabled and low-income people must be included in every policy, every fund, every new law. That's why we've written a list of demands to ensure that emergency legislation for COVID-19 is fair and equitable for everyone.

Your voice matters. Please help us reach decision-makers in Congress.

Please read and share, urgently.


Financial assistance must treat disabled and low-income people fairly


We must ensure that sick people can stay home without risking their jobs


We must ensure that people can stay home to care for their loved ones


We must help disabled and low-income people keep their homes


We must help people experiencing homelessness, including through increased funding


We must ensure healthcare is equitable


We must ensure freedom from age and disability discrimination during every step of this crisis


We must ensure disabled and low-income people can get the healthcare, supplies and medicine they need, safely


We must immediately begin massive production of ventilators, to save lives, and prevent rationing


We must protect healthcare workers and make sure they have the equipment they need to do their work safely


Medicaid must support, and pay for, the services disabled people rely on to live at home, in their communities


We must keep disabled people from being forced to live in institutions


We must ensure disability civil rights protections are fully protected


We must guarantee the right to vote, including the right of disabled people to vote


We must safeguard the right to education for disabled students, guaranteeing  IDEA protections

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